Rubbish – some secret thoughts

        Echo’s Call

Silent footsteps of the night
Searching echo’s silence,
Lying dormant, still and quiet,
Yearning, waiting to ignite.
Then, a glimmer, a gentle breeze
Stirs the ember, ignites a blaze.
A latent lake of fear explodes
Searing embryonic tears
crumpled pages’ anecdotes
Scorching countless fears.



Looking Forward

Sadness fills the eyes,
Of the child in the photograph
As the eyes in the mirror watch,
With unblinking glazed regret.
Noting times that should have been.
Silent pools of remorse
Search into the night.
The beautiful night
Of secret hiding places
Noting times that could have been.
Escaping the red rage that spewed forth,
Unbridled brutal anger
Encompassing and engulfing all that came near.
Brutally blocking each step of the way;
Impeding all that should have been.
Sadness fills the eyes that look out,
Emptying sadness from inside my head,
Emptying all self-condemnation…
Growing towards what should have been.


Softly Waiting

Tread softly on my eyelids,
As I wistfully await
Kisses, soft and tender,
To bring a dreaming light.
My skin is quietly yearning
With wretched discontent
As I’m madly seeking out
A spark of firelight.
With hope and recognition
The time of gain appears,
As the day of darkness closes
And echoes through the night.







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